New CD! - The Faucet's on Fire!
I'm doing the proudest work of my life these days, touring America's Blue Dots. "The Faucet's on Fire!" features many songs that are already staples of my live show - "I'm Fired," and "SCROTUS," and "The Vagina Dialogues" - and newer songs, like my counterpoint to "We Shall Overcome" examining the questions we ask ourselves when we engage in the work of Social Justice. We're offering a six-pack too - six CDs for the price of five.

"Those new songs are...phew, wow, and whoa." - Danielle Bell from The UnWieldies

GREAT NEW DEAL! - The Roy Solo Collection - $100
Scathing satire covering politics from Washington to the North Pole to outer space to the faucet fire in your own kitchen. Buy the whole Solo Collection and get 9 CDs for just about the price of 6! You save $44.

Donald McRonald, the Face of the New GOP

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