Roy Zimmerman - The Lyrics

Saddam Shame
words and music © 1991, 2006 by Roy Zimmerman

Thank God we finally had us a war
It's what Neocons have been hankering for
Rivers of gore we can wave the flag o'er

Flaunting our Superpower status
Wringing our hands saying, "Why do they hate us?"

Thank God, we’re finally nabbed you, Saddam
You horrible threat to our dear Uncle Sam
After you spent nine months eating goat on the lam

While we liberated your country
Slashing and burning and saving just one tree...
The Minis-tree of Oil

Saddam shame, Saddam shame
We all had to learn your damn name
Only three questions remain
Who's sane? Who's sane? Who's sane?

Iraq is the front in the war against terror Might be because we invited them there or Perhaps there's some terrible clerical error Maybe a faulty equation Like 911 equals U.S. invasion

We are not nation builders we know that for certain We're building the sovereign State of Halliburton Ignoring the guy there behind the big curtain Drivin' around feelin' groovy A star spangled banner on every SUV

We put you on trial for a jury of your peers
Twelve bloody dictators with no careers
To decide how you’ll spend your retirement years

And your legacy, now that you’ve fallen
Hitler, but littler, or Stalin, but a small'n

It’s an interesting story how we came to hate you
If you'd never existed, we’d have to create you
And send Donald Rumsfeld to interrogate you...and fellate you

"You were ruthless and cruel, and you knew it
You oppressed that whole nation, now how did you do it?"

Saddam Shame, Saddam Shame...
(That’s my Donald Rumsfeld impersonation. I’m an abstract impressionist.)
Hussein, Hussein, Hussein

We shocked 'em and awed 'em and went to the showers
"Mission Accomplished," hey, where’s all the flowers?
The tyrant is vanquished and Baghdad is ours...
(I mean, theirs...the incoming Iraqi government...or as they say, the Iraqi government - Incoming!)

Still, you’d have to say somebody screwed ya
If your travel agent sent you to Fallujah

Saddam shame, Saddam shame
We all had to learn your damn name
Only three questions remain
Who's sane? Who's sane? Who's knows?

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