Roy Zimmerman - The Lyrics

Dick Cheney
words and music by Roy Zimmerman
© 2004
(From "Security")

When I first saw him in his briefs on CNN
I knew that he was not like ordinary men
Head over heals I fell for his shuck & jive
Dick Cheney, ain't he, the sexiest man alive

He's like a barrel of oil, he's crude and yet refined
He makes me feel like I've been wined, dined and strip-mined
His heart is broken but I know he'll survive
Dick Cheney, ain't he, the sexiest man alive

The briefcase, the trench coat, the super-spy stylin'
You tell him, "Honey, smile!" He says, "I am smilin'"
He's carefree, he's hair-free, you get the idea
He's got a good case of Sean Conneria

I want to hear him whisper in that monotone
"Why don't we go do some exploratory drilling of our own?
Get lubricated and go out for a drive."
Dick Cheney, ain't he, beautiful and brainy
Second only to Saddam Hussein he's
the sexiest man, oh man alive

And he's so low key

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